Double Protection for Your Vehicle: The Benefits of Tint + Coating

Double Protection for Your Vehicle: The Benefits of Tint + Coating

When it comes to taking care of your car, the combination of window tinting and protective coating provides unparalleled protection and improves your vehicle’s appearance. This combined approach enhances the car’s visual appeal and strengthens its resilience against various environmental factors. As experts in this field, we at Lavish Window Films would like to introduce the benefits of using tinting and coating to protect your vehicle and maintain its pristine look. In this blog, we highlight the numerous advantages of this double protection strategy, emphasizing that “tint + coating”  is not just a luxury but a necessity for discerning vehicle owners.

Top 5 Benefits of Tint + Coating

1. Enhanced UV Protection and Temperature Control

One of the primary advantages of window tinting is its ability to block harmful UV rays, which can cause interior fading and contribute to skin damage during prolonged exposure. By applying a high-quality tint, you create an invisible barrier that can reject up to 99% of UV radiation. When paired with a protective coating, which acts as a sealant on your vehicle’s paint, you’re not only preserving the interior but also maintaining the exterior’s luster and preventing oxidative damage. This combination ensures protection from the sun’s harmful effects for both passengers and the vehicle itself, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable interior atmosphere without compromising safety.

2. Improved Vehicle Looks

Both window tinting and coating have a significant impact on enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. Window tint creates a uniform and smooth surface, giving your vehicle’s windows a sleek, sophisticated look. Coating, on the other hand, provides a glossy, flawless finish that highlights the depth and richness of your vehicle’s paint color. When combined, window tinting and coating work together to improve your vehicle’s looks and make it stand out.

3. Increased Durability and Scratch Resistance

The road is unpredictable, and your vehicle’s outer surface is vulnerable to various threats such as small scratches, chips, and the corrosive effects of chemical substances. Applying a protective coating over your vehicle’s body works as an armor, enhancing its resilience against physical and chemical damages. When paired with window tinting, which also adds a layer of protection to your glass, you’re ensuring comprehensive coverage. This dual-layer protection significantly reduces the risk of scratches and other forms of damage, keeping your vehicle looking newer for longer.

4. Improved Privacy and Security
man trying to break into a car

Adding tint to your car windows doesn’t just improve its appearance, but also adds an extra layer of privacy and security. This makes it difficult for people outside to see inside your car, lowering the chances of theft. Other than that, it also offers a layer of protection by holding shattered glass together during accidents to enhance passenger safety. When combined with a protective coating, which fortifies the vehicle’s exterior against tampering and vandalism, you’re effectively doubling down on your vehicle’s security measures. This combination of tinting+coating ensures that your vehicle stays well-protected, shielded from unwanted attention and potential security threats.

5. Maintenance Ease and Longevity

Vehicles equipped with both window tinting and a protective coating are easier to maintain. This is because the likelihood of dirt, water, and other substances sticking to the surface is reduced, making the cleaning process more efficient and less labor-intensive. Additionally, the protective coating reduces paint damage, preserving the vehicle’s visual appeal and potentially increasing its resale value. The combination of tinting and coating simplifies maintenance and helps extend the vehicle’s lifespan, keeping it in excellent condition.


In summary, the combined use of tinting and coating on your vehicle is more than an aesthetic choice; it represents a comprehensive maintenance strategy that offers enhanced protection, improved aesthetics, and extended durability. This dual approach not only safeguards your vehicle from UV rays and physical damage but also boosts its visual appeal and resale value. By choosing both tinting and coating, car owners can secure better protection against environmental factors and daily usage, all while maintaining a sleek, sophisticated appearance. It’s a smart investment in your vehicle’s future, providing peace of mind and preserving its condition and value over time.

Explore Lavish’s Umbrella Package, offering double protection for your cars!

Lavish’s Umbrella Package (tint + coating) is a one-stop solution that provides comprehensive protection for your brand new car from inside out. Our Umbrella Package consists of both:

1. Lavish® Nano Ceramic Security Window Film

Lavish® Nano Ceramic Security Window Film provides shatterproof protection, up to 97% heat rejection, 99.9% UV protection with a performance guarantee up to 15 years. It is also GPS and Smart Tag friendly, ensuring you a safe and comfortable ride. Besides, Lavish will perform a live test of products before and after purchase to prove all benefits claimed. This product also meets JPJ standards, ensuring full compliance with local vehicle regulations.

2. Lavish® Dumo Nano Ceramic Crystal Paint Protection Coating

Lavish® Dumo Nano Ceramic Crystal Paint Protection Coating offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s paint, ensuring it remains vibrant and fade-resistant thanks to the UV protection provided by the crystal coating. This innovative shield not only prevents minor scratches on your clear coat but also serves as a sacrificial layer, thus preserving the original factory paint. Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, ceramic nanoparticles penetrate the smallest pores in the paint, creating a shiny, smooth, and extremely slick or hydrophobic surface. This significantly reduces surface tension, effectively preventing environmental contaminants like bird droppings, bugs, dirt, and graffiti paint from adhering. The coating’s self-cleaning effect means that water can easily remove dirt by encapsulating it and rolling off the surface.

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